Welcome to the MIT Device Research Laboratory (DRL) under the direction of Dr. Evelyn Wang in the Mechanical Engineering Department at MIT.

The DRL combines fundamental studies of micro and nanoscale heat and mass transport processes with the development of novel nanostructured materials to create innovative solutions in thermal management, thermal energy storage, solar thermal energy conversion, and water desalination. We leverage state-of-the-art micro/nanofabrication, unique measurement, and model prediction capabilities to enable mechanistic insights into complex fluid, interfacial, and thermal transport processes. This approach has led to new and important functionalities to enhance heat and mass transfer for various applications.


Recent News

4/13/2017: Work on Water harvesting from air with metal-organic frameworks published in Science

Congratulations to Hyunho, Sungwoo, Sameer, Shankar and Ari for their new publication in Science: "Water harvesting from air with metal-organic frameworks powered by natural sunlight".

The paper reports the design and demonstration of a device based on porous metal-organic framework-801 [Zr6O4(OH)4(fumarate)6] that captures water from the atmosphere at ambient conditions using low-grade heat from natural sunlight below one sun (1 kW per square meter). This device is capable of harvesting 2.8 liters of water per kilogram of MOF daily at relative humidity levels as low as 20%, and requires no additional input of energy.

Read more on Science's Latest News, MIT Technology Review, Chemistry World, The Washington Post


3/2/2017: STPV work selected as 1 of 10 breakthrough technologies in 2017 by Technology Review

Congratulations to David Bierman and Andrej Lenert! MIT Technology Review has selected their solar thermophotovoltaic (STPV) work as 1 of 10 breakthrough technologies in 2017. This technology has the potential to be roughly twice as efficient as conventional photovoltaics while also providing electricity when the sun is out by combining it to thermal storage. Read more at: MIT Newsand Solar Thermophotovoltaic


02/13/2017: Heeena's work on characterizing nanostructures featured on nanotechweb

Nanotech.org featured Heena's work on characterizing nanostructures non-destructively using impedance spectroscopy. This work has been published in Nanotechnology.