Welcome to the MIT Device Research Laboratory (DRL) under the direction of Dr. Evelyn Wang in the Mechanical Engineering Department at MIT.

The DRL combines fundamental studies of micro and nanoscale heat and mass transport processes with the development of novel nanostructured materials to create innovative solutions in thermal management, thermal energy storage, solar thermal energy conversion, and water desalination. We leverage state-of-the-art micro/nanofabrication, unique measurement, and model prediction capabilities to enable mechanistic insights into complex fluid, interfacial, and thermal transport processes. This approach has led to new and important functionalities to enhance heat and mass transfer for various applications.


Recent News

07/03/2017: Listen to the new awesome song "Stop the Phonons"!

Listen to Stop the Phonons, an excellent original song by Elise Strobach, Daniel Preston, Jean Sack, Joseph Sandt, David Bierman and Evelyn Wang about stopping phonons in thermoelectric generators!
The song was written and recorded as part of the Intersection of Sound and Science Podcast Contest from the Department of Energy's Office of Basic Energy Sciences (BES).
Please vote for it in the Deptarment of Energy people's choice podcast contest.
Congratulations to all the creators!


06/09/2017: Congratulations to our recent graduates Dr. Heena Mutha, Dr. Yangying Zhu, Dr. Daniel Preston, Dr. Kevin Bagnall and Dr. Jeremy Cho!

Congratulations to all our recent graduates!


06/02/2017: Congratulations to David Bierman for successfully defending his PhD

Congratulations to David Bierman for successfully defending his PhD on Full Spectrum Utilization for High-Efficiency Solar Energy Conversion.