Welcome to the MIT Device Research Laboratory (DRL) under the direction of Dr. Evelyn Wang in the Mechanical Engineering Department at MIT.

The DRL combines fundamental studies of micro and nanoscale heat and mass transport processes with the development of novel nanostructured materials to create innovative solutions in thermal management, thermal energy storage, solar thermal energy conversion, and water desalination. We leverage state-of-the-art micro/nanofabrication, unique measurement, and model prediction capabilities to enable mechanistic insights into complex fluid, interfacial, and thermal transport processes. This approach has led to new and important functionalities to enhance heat and mass transfer for various applications.


Recent News

12/11/2019: Congratulations to Elise Strobach for successfully defending her PhD

Congratulations to Elise Strobach for successfully defending her PhD on Optically Transparent, Thermally Insulating and Soundproofing (OTTIS) Aerogel for High-Efficiency Window Applications.

During her PhD, Elise developed a high-clarity silica aerogel optimized for use in building windows that is able to achieve visible transmittance over 98 % and thermal conductivity lower than 13 mW/mK. This performance was achieved by careful tailoring of the interconnected particle network driven by optical modeling to reduce effective scattering size within the material below 10 nm diameter. Elise also characterized the optical, thermal and acoustic properties of the materials, demonstrating that sealing high-clarity aerogel into the gaps of existing double-pane window designs, we can achieve a center-of-glazing U-factor of 0.20 BTU/h/ft2/F, which is 35-50% more insulating than current building codes across North America. early thermal results and a production-scale techno-economic analysis indicate the aerogel has the ability to achieve cost-effective thermal performance that is competitive with traditional double- and triple-pane windows. Successful development and commercialization of this high-clarity aerogel has the potential to save billions of dollars in annual building energy losses while satisfying the diverse and complex needs of our buildings.

Learn more about Elise's work and AeroShield .


12/06/2019: Congratulations to Elise Strobach and Kyle Wilke for their nomination to Forbes 30 Under 30 in Energy for 2020

Congratulations to Elise Strobach and Kyle Wilke who were named Forbes 30 Under 30 in Energy for 2020. Together, they co-founded AeroShield, which manufactures a super-insulating, porous glass for energy efficient windows.

Learn more about AeroShield and Forbes nominations.


10/30/2019: Polyethylene aerogel enables all-day subambient radiative cooling

Congratulations to Arny Leroy, Bikram Bhatia, Colin Kelsall, Lin Zhao, Lenan Zhang as well as their collaborators in Chile for their recent work on radiative cooling using polyethylene aerogel which was featured on MIT News. This novel ultra low thermal conductivity material reflects sunlight while being infrared transparent, a combination of thermal and optical properties that have not been demonstrated until now. By putting polyethylene aerogel on top of existing radiative cooling emitters, parasitic solar absorption and heat gains from the ambient air can be minimized and better cooling can be achieved.This work will improve the performance of existing radiative coolers and enable new applications such as passive refrigeration and air conditioning.

Read more on MIT News
Read the paper here


8/29/2019: Congratulations to DRL Alumni to Join Academia and Industry this Year!

Congratulations to DRL alumni to join academia and industry this year! Find out more about our recent alumni:

Jeremy Cho, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Nevada, Las Vegas ( Website)
Bikram Bhatia, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Louisville, Louisville ( Website)
Daniel Preston, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Rice University, Houston ( Website)
Yangying Zhu, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Santa Barbara ( Website)
Lin Zhao, 3M, Minneapolis, Minnesota ( Website)