Research Facilities


  • Phantom High Speed Camera
  1. Used to capture a variety of high speed phenomenon such as fast moving droplets
  2. Up to 100,000 frames per second
  • IR Camera (FLIR SC6000)
  1. Used for thermal imaging
  2. High-speed (125Hz Full Frame Rate), 640×512 Resolution
  3. Temperature range (room to ~700°C), Mid-wave sensitivity (3-5 microns)
  • Quantum Focus Instruments Infrascope II Infrared Microscope
  1. Used for non-contact temperature measurement/mapping via infrared radiation
  2. Up to 3 µm spatial resolution and ± 1°C temperature resolution
  • Confocal Microscope
  • Canon EOS 50D SLR Camera (for general imaging)
  • Pixelink CCD Camera (Color and BW)
  1. Used for general video capture
  2. Up to around 400 fps depending on resolution
  • Kyowa MCA-3 Contact Angle Meter
  1. Used to measure contact angle of fluids on surfaces
  2. Completely automatic operation
  3. Able to dispense droplets as small as a few nanoliters

Material Characterization

  • Kyowa Interface Science MCA-3 Micro Goniometer
  1. Used for measuring dynamic/equilibrium contact angles
  2. Top and side views
  3. Ink jet head allows for droplets as small as 10 µm
  • Autosorb IQ2 Surface Sorption Analyzer
  1. Textural analysis of porous materials by use of liquid N2 sorption
  2. Water vapor sorption analysis
  • TA Instruments Q5000SA, Thermogravimetric Vapor Analysis
  1. Used to measure water adsorption capacity of any material
  2. Measures uptake from 0% – 98% RH at temperatures of 25°C to 80°C
  • Mettler Toledo – Polymer DSC R, dynamic scanning calorimeter
  1. Used to measure the heat capacity, heats of phase change and other various thermodynamic properties of various materials and mixtures
  2. -90 °C to 500 °C range with ± 300 mW heat flux capacity


  • Solar Simulator and Concentrating Optics
  1. Used to generate a simulation of the AM1.5 standard solar spectrum
  2. Capable of concentrating light greater than 200x that of normal incident solar radiation
  • Vacuum/Environmental Chamber
  1. Low vacuum capability (1 mtorr)
  2. Feedthroughs: power, thermocouple, liquid/gas, optical, IR
  3. Instrumentation: source-meter, power source, digital multi-meter, data acquisition
  4. Uses: condensation on nano-structured surface, solar thermophotovoltaic energy conversion, thin film evaporation, adsorption/desorption
  • Boiling Rig
  1. Used to perform boiling experiments on flat samples
  2. Heated area measures 2 cm x 2 cm

Sample Preparation and Fabrication

  • Haas CNC MiniMill
  1. Used for machining metals and plastics
  2. 3 axis control and spindle speeds up to 10,000 RPM
  • Zing Laser Cutter
  1. Used cut 2D plastic parts rapidly
  2. 60 W laser
  • CEM Mars 5 Microwave Accelerated Reaction System
  1. Microwave accelerated reaction system designed for digesting, dissolving, hydrolyzing a wide variety of materials
  2. Operates at 0–1200 Watts at temperatures up to 250°C
  • Plasma Cleaner
  1. Used to clean samples with Oxygen, Air, or Argon plasma
  2. Vacuum down to < 100 µmHg
  • Adixen Helium Leak Detector
  1. Used to check vacuum seals necessary for high purity evaporation and condensation
  2. Detects leaks between 10-2and 10-11 sccm of helium
  • De-Gassing Rig
  1. Used to purify water or other liquids of dissolved non-condensible gases
  2. Operates by freeze-pump-thaw cycle for de-gassing liquids
  3. Includes rotary vane pump and turbo-pump for ultra high vacuum