Visiting Faculty

Faisal AlMarzooqi
Faisal joined the DRL in April 2017 after being appointed as an assistant professor at Masdar Institute. His doctoral research at Masdar Institute investigated the applications of membrane fabrication techniques and nanotechnology in seawater desalination. In particular he used polymeric material such as PVDF to fabricate membranes with nanoscale surface features and studied the desalination enhancements caused by such features. He also studied graphene growth using chemical vapour deposition on Cu and Ni and studied the epitaxial transfer of graphene to other substrates such as polymers and glass. These studies were directed towards a long term goal of using graphene coated membranes as a multifunctional material for sensing and separation applications. At the DRL, Faisal is involved in modeling and fabrication of multi-functional nanoporous membranes for a combined power and water desalination systems.


Bikram Bhatia
Bikram joined the DRL in August 2014 after receiving his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. His doctoral research investigated waste heat harvesting using nanometer-thick pyroelectric films. At the DRL, Bikram is involved with modeling and experiments of solar thermal energy conversion systems.
He Bin
He Bin received his doctor degree from Nanyang Technological University in 2014. His PhD research involved the fundamental study of evaporation of a sessile droplet. He currently focuses on the thermal management for integrated electronic systems utilizing advanced vapor chambers.
Sameer Rao
Dr. Rao joined DRL in the summer of 2015 after receiving his doctoral degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. His doctoral research was focused on experimentally characterizing the transient evolution of phase-change phenomena seen in microchannel flow boiling. At the DRL, Sameer is currently involved with development and characterization of energy storage and thermal management technologies.
Sivanand Somasundaram
Siva graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical engineering in 2004 from NIT (Trichy), India and then with a Ph.D in Mechanical engineering from National university of Singapore in 2012. He was a junior research scientist in Solar energy research institute of Singapore until April 2013, after which he joined SMART in May 2013. His Ph.D research was based on study of intermittent spray cooling for thermal management of electronics. His past research experience includes thermal conductivity measurement using transients, cryogenic sprays and solar photo-voltaic thermal hybrid collectors. He currently works on development of silicon vapour chambers and other related thermal management technologies for electronic systems.